TNG GROUP will help you confidently bid with a new designed capacity profile and catalog
7 May, 2014

What will TNG GROUP do with your brand?

TNG GROUP is a new consulting and art design consulting unit, beautifying the face of the company for internal and external communication.


TNG GROUP creates a new perspective on company image in thinking employees from color, uniform, soft or strong movement in the company's personality through symbols and symbols throughout brand identity kit in office, stationery including outside.

TNG GROUP designed new tools for external communication for customers and partners to be aware of the size of their business in their thinking about competence, strength, professionalism and where Where does your business stand in this industry. Repositioning with this new look design helps businesses overcome barriers to winning the economic arena.

Here, you realize what GROUP will do with your brand.

We understand the business structure of each industry and understand how they need face to affirm their standing in the marketplace. Therefore, we will embark on a thorough survey to understand the actual capacity of your business with the upcoming goal of the business, to offer the most suitable design and consultancy package for businesses.

TNG GROUP advises, designs new logos, catalogs, capacity profiles, packaging, labels .... for your business and elevates your business to the company's orientation.

TNG GROUP - Leverage your original idea to perfection