What will TNG GROUP do with your brand?
6 May, 2014
TNG GROUP will help you confidently launch products to the market with new packaging and labels.
8 May, 2014

TNG GROUP will help you confidently bid with a new designed capacity profile and catalog.

TNG GROUP is a unit specializing in designing capacity records, catalogs for businesses to use for bidding, to send partners, distributors and agents. Content demonstrates the company's strengths, products and services provided by the company.


TNG GROUP starts from the photo albums of the business, selects the pictures to use and adds the product images, offices, factories, and staff to document the most beautiful and unique design. Best.

TNG GROUP consulting, careful analysis for customers to add the required inspection and certification papers to win the bid. To ensure professionalism and to get a bigger face than the current business, it is on par with the goal.

And we will dive deeply into the style of the business, highlighting the most worthy content. Strongly express the most wanted things on the page.

TNG GROUP advises and analyzes the material to make the capacity profile book, unique, fancy and luxurious catalog that is suitable for each industry not only using paper material but also combining many other materials mediocre books.

TNG GROUP - Leverage your original idea to perfection