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3 March, 2016
3 March, 2016

Manufacturing is the last step in our service chain from consulting, design, photography to production. TNG Group operates in many areas including the production of products catering to beautiful products, high aesthetics and high quality.

TNG Group received the production of advertising printing products, ceramic products, paper, simili leather, wood, crystal glass, garment fabric.

The products based on the design of TNG Group have been agreed by both sides on designs, materials and production techniques. We schedule and conduct procurement of materials and production as committed to our customers.

To ensure the service provided throughout the year, TNG Group offers many services to serve the needs of editing, refreshing, making a small number and many other requirements of the business.

Our after-sales service has been voted by consumers "quality reputation service" because of that, most of the high-end meetings and projects just started the idea, we were invited by partners. attend to discuss with them.

TNG Group designs fine art, brand identity and also accepts the production of fine art products that we designed to be beautiful and well-designed..

After TNG Group completes the customer-approved design version, we schedule a sample production for customers with the designated gift sets.

Approved sample products, we carry out mass production based on agreed quality criteria, guaranteed time until delivery.

The truth about the wood, paper, leather, cloth, porcelain, crystal materials they can combine together is quite harmonious to create exquisite beauty that is difficult to use a material to make.

TNG Group coordinates some materials to create a different product, the second is that we have a good grasp of production techniques so that we are strong in the idea process for customers.



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