Production of finished products
3 March, 2016
Art design
3 March, 2016


Art Direction

Architechtural & Landscape

F&B Photography

Hospitality Photography

Digital imaging & Retouching

Take photos of products

Take photos of the company

Understanding application images for each purpose so TNG Group always has shooting angles and how to handle images to suit customer needs and produce clearly.

Understanding the shooting angle, brightness, composition, and shooting context are the key points that we raise our skills every day.

Based on the available platform of each business that can be consulted differently but prerequisite must be beautiful.

Photographing is a service that comes with a brand identity design package in our combo. TNG Group emphasizes the image and enhances the overall quality of the images used to identify the brand to adjust every detail.

In order to have a beautiful face, a beautiful capacity profile, beautiful catalog, beautiful packaging ... TNG Group always has a professional photographer spare parts to direct art, decoration, perspective .. This image data warehouse will be reserved for guests to use in many other businesses of the business.