Welcome to LA MARS

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13 May, 2014
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13 May, 2014

LA MARS is a unit under TNG GROUP, providing products designed and used unique ceramic materials, producing exclusive samples for each customer.

Unique idea....................80%

Advise customers many unique ideas that have never been on the market

Creative design.............100%

Our creative design team is always ready to draw many high-end designs

Different products..........100%

Each product produced has a distinct feature for each restaurant and hotel

Products from ceramic materials

1 / teapot
2 / bowl
3 / cup
4 / plate
5 / bowl
6 / tray
7 / spoon
8 / scoop spoon chopsticks
9 / jar of salt salt
10 / the cup
11 / glass
12 / flower vase...

LA MARS specializes in designing different ideas for each business. Fine art design, high quality products from ceramic materials to produce many strange and strange models.

Innovative products

And here are some of our featured ceramics