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13 May, 2014
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13 May, 2014

TNG GROUP providing products designed for art and production made from natural wood for business and display.

Unique idea....................80%

Advise customers many unique ideas that have never been on the market

Creative design.............100%

Our creative design team is always ready to draw many high-end designs

Different products..........100%

Each product produced has a distinct feature for each customer.

The product is designed and manufactured from wood

1 / table
2 / chair
3 / page
4 / art decoration items
5 / original art tree
6 / wooden box
7 / wood calendar
8 / pen plug
9 / to plug the pen ...

TNG GROUP specializes in the design of wood ideas and finished products with the most natural and natural direction in the way they look. Products produced in toxic and strange form are not available in the market to serve high-class customers.

Innovative products

And here are some of our wooden products, unique and strange.