Application art design

3 March, 2016
Logo design
4 March, 2016

The services of designing the brand identity of customers at TNG GROUP that we regularly give advice to customers are:

1. Designing office brand identity.

• Logo • Namecard • Letterhead • Bill • Delivery notes • Contract • Income and expenditure patterns • Envelop • Note • Referral • Appointment • Ivitation cards • Cover profile • Employee identification card • Uniform Resource Locator

2. Marketing brand identity

• Catalogue • Brochure • Profile • Leaflets • Folders • Poster • Paper bags • Journal • And gift publications such as raincoats, helmets, medals, pens, notebooks ...


3. Design brand identity on products

• Product packaging design • Warranty • Stamp sticker on the product • Sticker • Product manual

4. Outdoor brand identity design
• Standee • Posm • Banners • Leaf of Happiness • Billboards • Agent signs • Signboards in front of the office

Our team of experts, designers and technical consultancy teams will accompany you in the process of improving your company's brand identity..


TNG GROUP emphasizes beauty and suitability with customers. When you are provided with a design service by us, we will include very thorough advice, the solution we focus on is choosing the right materials and ensuring the technical quality of our production.

Advantages when using brand identity design
I. Brand identity helps your brand image be recognizable and reminded in the minds of customers.
II. Brand identity brings consumers a sense of reason: good quality, nice design ... and feeling: like professionalism, personality, class ...
III. If you own a good brand, then using it as a media will become effective and easy.
IV. Great impact on the value of the company, reinforcing the reputation and building loyalty of customers and consumers with the brand.
V. Reduce advertising costs, create a strong impression with suppliers and distributors to reduce payment, prices, transportation ...