TNG GROUP will help you confidently bid with a new designed capacity profile and catalog
7 May, 2014

TNG GROUP will help you confidently launch products to the market with new packaging and labels.

TNG GROUP is a unit specializing in packaging design, labels for manufacturing enterprises, distributors to compete directly with existing brands in the market.


TNG GROUP embarked on researching the products of the business and packaging trends of the industry in the future to provide the most reasonable advice, analysis and evaluation with the most suitable options for the business.

TNG GROUP starts with market share ideas and objectives to understand who customers are, preferences for layout, colors, fonts and characters to work on appropriate designs. Best.

We carefully examine each of the properties, from how to use which materials, how to combine them to make the right customer final.

TNG GROUP clearly demonstrates the product image that wants to promote, clean, bright, easy to see, easy to understand.

TNG GROUP - Leverage your original idea to perfection