TNG Group designs and manufactures premium gift products.

TNG Group has designed many unique designs and has been successful with many projects for national events such as APEC, Miss Universe ... TNG Group is a team of continuous creativity, mastering production techniques, deep understanding. wide range of materials and devised innovative designs for domestic and international use.

"Becoming a company providing high-class art products in the Top 5 in Vietnam"

"Perfecting and elevating customers' ideas, consulting and providing fine art products and superior art design services."




Other projects

Business areas

  • Application art design100%
  • Printing art products53%
  • Production of simili cover79%
  • Ceramic art products69%

  • Resort, Restaurant, Hotel45%
  • Wooden art products91%
  • Garment industry39%
  • Crystal glass industry57%


  • 11.02.2014Individual customers and retail markets

    We started to produce exclusive and products with aesthetics and high artistic features. We choose a very strict product maker and produce beautiful products.
  • 7.12.2016Serving business extensively

    We have grown rapidly and become an exclusive supplier of products to both large and small administrative units and businesses in the country. Mark an important milestone to become a multidisciplinary company today.
  • 14.1.2019Serving domestic and foreign markets

    This is perhaps the most important event for us after a series of high-level leaders' agreement through the merging of active industries into a clue to form a corporate corporate model. , taking the creative application art design to make it the core is that you are seeing it TNG Group.